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There are a lot of automatic search engine submission services on the Net. But you should look upon them with suspicion. Search engines don't like these services and may ignore or at least "red-flag" automated submissions.

Many free website submission services even fail to look for a "success" message after the submission is made. So, just to be on the safe side, you should submit your site manually or use a submission service or software that completely mimics a common browser.

Here's a safe, quick, and free website submission service. It can help you submit your site to the major search engines and directories that account for about 95% of your traffic (see Promotion: Collection of Free Search Engines for more information).

Instant search engine submission

Fill in the form, check the search engines that you want to submit your site to, and click the Submit! button. Your browser will show you search engines' confirmation pages, each in a separate window. Don't forget to verify that all the search engine submissions were accepted, some engines may require an email confirmation or other additional actions.

Full URL


Entireweb ExactSeek Scrub The Web

Other search engines and directories

You can't instantly submit your site to the below search engines and directories. Check the desired search engines and directories, and click the Go! button.

Search Engines
Bing Google Jayde tyBit Yahoo!

Your browser will show you search engines' "Add URL" pages, each in a separate window. Fill in the forms and submit them in each window.

Open Directory Yahoo! Directory LookSmart* Zeal

There is no direct way to submit your site to these directories. So, if you check them, the browser will show you the pages describing how to submit your site to the corresponding directories.

* This is a paid inclusion service based on a pay per click model. You may try to get into LookSmart for free through Zeal, the noncommercial component of the LookSmart Network.

I hope this free website submission service will save you a lot of time and attract a lot of traffic to your site.

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