Basic methods of free website promotion - search engine positioning, listing in directories, and more.

Free Website Promotion


Website promotion combines different techniques and strategies to increase qualified traffic to your site.

These are search engine positioning, strategic links, banner ads, opt-in email, client retention marketing, affiliate programs, press releases, strategic domain purchasing and much more.

This section is primarily focused on the basic methods of free website promotion, the most important of which is search engine positioning. As you know, 80% of web sessions begin at search engines. A top 10 search engine ranking will generate more traffic than any other advertising campaign. Building a website without consideration for how it'll rank in the major search engines is folly in today's marketplace.

Website promotion is not a separate stage of building your website. It begins at the planning. What will the site offer? Who are your customers? What keywords will they type in to find your site? These aspects of website promotion need to be assessed when hunting for a domain name, creating the initial marketing plan and building the site.

In fact, if you review the Building section, you'll see that all the steps, from discovering the optimal niche to writing the body copy and Web hosting, are examined from the point of view of search engine positioning.

This section provides you with description of the basic methods of free website promotion...

Search Engines
Internet search engines and factors that influence the ranking of your site. General rules of search engine submissions. Collection of all the search engines and directories that you should submit your site to.

Web Directories
The major web directories. Submitting your site to directories - tips and factors that influence the ranking.

PPC Advertising
A cost-effective way of website promotion. Tips on using pay per click search engines. How to get free traffic from them.

Optin Email List
One of the most powerful ways to build an online business. Advantages and possible problems.

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