An easy way to start selling on the Internet. How to find things to sell on the Internet and create an online store.

How to start selling on the Internet


Creating your own product and selling on the Internet is the ideal work at home opportunity to make money online...

  • Low start-up investment.
  • Low promotion costs.
  • Simple to automate.
  • Worldwide customers.

How to find things to sell on the Internet

The main factor to narrow down your options is whether to sell hard goods - tangible products, or digital goods - intangible products like ebooks, computer programs and website content. The first option may be good for you if you already have an offline store and existing inventory, but, in most cases, selling digital products on the Internet is the best work at home opportunity to make money online, since these products...

  • are relatively easy to create and very cheap to produce.
  • can be instantly delivered by digital download - no dealing with stocking, packaging, shipping, and the like.
  • are more suitable to purchase via the Internet than via traditional offline stores.
  • enable you to fully automate your business.

There is only one problem. In order to sell your own digital products, you must be able to create them. But, the good news is you don't have to be a talented software developer or writer. There are many resources to help you create information to sell on the Internet in the form of ebooks and paid membership sites, even if you don't have any particular writing skills.

One of the best FREE online resources on creating your very own infoproduct and selling on the Internet is Ken Evoy's Make Your Knowledge Sell!. This ebook shows that everybody has knowledge and insights gained from life experiences that other people want and are willing to pay for, and offers the solution of how to create, publish, market and sell an infoproduct successfully on the Internet. Until recently it sold for $49.95.

How to create an online store

You can easily create a professional-looking online store with any of the following online services...

1&1 IONOS eShops offers 3 different PayPal ready hosting plans from $11.49 per month to $47.99 per month. These plans contain in one package everything needed to begin selling products on the Internet today...

  • Domain name, Web hosting, e-mail.
  • Store design.
  • Product catalog.
  • Shopping cart and checkout.
  • Payment processing.

However, most e-merchants dive into the process of selling on the Internet backwards. They create an online store first, and then worry about visitors. Their stores do look professional. But 9 times out of 10, there's nobody home. Nobody's browsing. Nobody's searching. And most importantly, nobody's buying. And 98% die and give up within a year. Why?

#1 Merchant Mistake - create an online store, THEN worry about traffic.
Open a storefront on a busy "real world" street - visitors will spill in and buy. Selling on the Internet, however, doesn't work like that. People aren't looking for you... they are looking for information. The only way that your online store, or any other monetization model, can succeed, is to follow the CTPM process...

In short, it means...

  • CONTENT. Online, people search for information and solutions. So give them what they want by turning what YOU know into high-quality, in-demand CONTENT.
  • TRAFFIC. Your theme-based topical content ranks high at the Search Engines, attracting free, targeted TRAFFIC... interested, motivated, targeted, "open-to-you" visitors.
  • PREsell. Develop trust, credibility and confidence by OVERdelivering relevant, original, high-value information to these motivated, "open-to-you" pre-customers.
    (By the way, here's one of the best ebooks on effective preselling - Ken Evoy's Make Your Content PREsell. It's "#1 must reading" for anyone who communicates on the Net, even if it's only via e-mail, and it's now free.)
  • Then... and only then... MONETIZE. Convert your warm, willing-to-buy visitors into revenue, in various ways. Sell hard goods, e-goods, your personal or professional services. Or earn income without selling at all, through Google Ads, affiliate fees, finder's fees, etc.

For more proof that the above process is the best approach to successful selling on the Internet, click here.

There are plenty of tools on the Net that can help you create an online store - a quick visit to Amazon Zshops, eBay Marketplace, or Yahoo! Stores will confirm this. But, there is only one product in the world that takes you step-by-step through the powerful, natural CTPM process - Solo Build It (SBI).

SBI is the most comprehensive and well established product among other small business website builders. You won't find any other tool that can show results like this. Getting traffic is Job #1 and SBI sites do just that.

And once you have traffic you can start selling products on your site. SBI! is compatible with all the major shopping cart solutions available. This includes PayPal, Shopster, ClickBank, ShopSite, PayDotCom, E-Junkie and many others. The right one for you will depend on what you plan to sell and your experience level. There are many that work fine for beginners.

Key Points

1) Creating an online store without traffic is no better than not having a store at all. Obviously, it's not practical to concern yourself with selling on the Internet until you have traffic. However, that's exactly what most small biz people do.

2) Content created in SBI attracts targeted traffic from the Search Engines, establishes your credibility, and builds trust with a visitor. The conversion rates are much higher than those obtained from Pay-Per-Click advertising or other means of driving traffic to an online store. And the cost to generate visitors is cheap.

3) Content created in SBI can be leveraged to generate income from other monetization models in addition to direct selling on the Internet - affiliate programs, Google's AdSense program, finder-referrer fees, and so on. This eliminates the reliance on any single revenue stream, offers a greater service to your visitors (by addressing a wider variety of needs), and generates additional revenue for the business.

4) Most any shopping cart solution can be completely integrated into SBI. Be sure to match the products you sell to your niche and traffic.

Advantages of Solo Build It

  • SBI makes online business success do-able. Anyone can succeed with its all-in-one process, tools, and guidance. Technical skills are NOT required.
  • SBI comes with unlimited Customer Support. The process includes a built-in help system that guides you every step of the way. They make it hard NOT to succeed.
  • You get more than just a "site builder." You don't need to worry about looking for separate hosting, paying for a separate keyword research tool, handling site submissions, integrating email, etc., etc. Everything you need to succeed is included. Here's a list of all that's included.

For more information, see Solo Build It.

Solo Build It!

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