By planning your site content before creating a website you will avoid making mistakes that could be difficult to correct once the site is completed.

Start creating a website from planning its content


Want to build a successful website?

Creating a website that ranks well with the search engines and pulls in lots of traffic takes as much time and money as creating an unsuccessful low-potential one.

Amazingly, people often start creating a website without building a clear plan of what they want that site to achieve.

If you're going to build a website, take a few moments to stop and brainstorm the best website concepts for you. Take the time to think it through thoroughly before you actually start creating a website. It takes less time and money to do it right the first time than to have to go back and fix problems with your site after it is finished.

The few hours or so that you spend here, in planning your site content, will determine exactly how big your success will be.

Remember, most people fail in any business because they don't plan adequately. So invest the time now to maximize your returns later.

Four steps of planning your site content...

1) Optimal Niche
Discover the correct niche for your website and you won't be working, you'll be playing.

Your goal is to find a subject that you really know and like and that you think would have some appeal for others. Your passion will make creating a website fun and easy. If a concept really turns you on, you won't be working. You'll be playing.

2) Choosing Keywords
Find correct keywords and choose the most profitable website concept for you.

Build a table of keywords that can bring targeted traffic to your website and are often searched for, but still not so competitive as to make a top ranking next to impossible.

If you have several concepts to choose from, analyze related keywords and make a decision which concept is the most profitable.

3) Analyzing Competitors
Make your final website concept ever more profitable by analyzing and using the competition.

The goal of this step is to grow your keyword list, to get more ideas for your site content, and to find possible partners (merchants who offer affiliate programs or pay-per-click advertising).

4) Site Structure
Build the optimal structure of your website that corresponds with your table of highly profitable keywords.

The correct structure will make your site easy and navigable for both your visitors and your search engine spiders.

Here's the comprehensive resource that describes the above process in more detail - Ken Evoy's Affiliate Masters course (new 2005 edition). It's probably the best single resource on creating a website that makes money... and it's free! There's no charge - you're not even asked for your email address.

After the successful completion of all these steps, you'll have your perfect website concept, the comprehensive keyword list that contains a lot of highly profitable relevant keywords, and tons of raw materials for your site content.

You'll be super-ready to start creating a website that will be a real money-maker for you!

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